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"How To Recondition Old Batteries And Save $$$"

Turn your sound up and watch this video

You can now recondition your old batteries at home and bring them back
to 100% of their working condition.
Reconditioning old batteries is a great way to help the environment.

Keep reading to discover how you can make thousands by purchasing old
batteries and selling them as reconditioned ones for massive profits.

"Thanks for helping me
recondition my batteries"

"Thanks for helping me recondition my batteries. It's such an easy
Christopher - US, IL

Most people will throw out old batteries not knowing they can be
restored to their original glory? Batteries are not cheap! Before
throwing out any battery you should test them to see if they can be
Not only will it save you money but it is also environmentally
friendly. Batteries contain chemicals that seep into our soils and end
up in our waterways. By reconditioning batteries we will eliminate 50%
of the batteries we throw out.

"How Easy Is It?"

A lot of people think battery reconditioning is hard however[DEL: I
think :DEL] I know it's incredibly simple. I have done it hundreds of
time before, in fact it's what I do for a living. Anybody can
recondition batteries, you just need to know the techniques.
Whether you have a dead laptop battery, car battery or just about any
other commonly used battery I can show you how to easily bring it back
to life.
Today, you're going to see step-by-step how to recondition your dead
Don't go out and purchase a new battery until you read my instructions!

"I was able to rejuvenate them
both to 100% working batteries"

"I tested 2 batteries on the weekend and both of them seemed ti be "
dead". After using one of your methods I was able to rejuvenate them
both to 100% working batteries. Thanks, you just saved me about $180!
This is definitely something that will help me and my friends in the
future. Well done Craig."
Allan S. - AU, NSW

"How Much Money Can You Save?"

As you probably already know, BATTERIES ARE NOT CHEAP. Which is
probably the reason why you are reading this page. By reconditioning
old batteries you can save hundreds. If you need the batteries for a
solar energy system where you will need a large battery bank you can
literally save thousands.
Not only can you save money but you can also MAKE a lot of money. Many
people don't know how to recondition batteries and will pay you to do
Or, you can recondition old batteries and sell them for a profit. I
will talk more about this further down on this page.

"This Step-By-Step Guide Is Now Available"

Before you start reconditioning batteries it's important that you have
the right tools. More importantly, you need to make sure you have the
correct step-by-step instructions.
I say this because when I first started searching online for a detailed
guide I found out that many of them were incomplete and some of the
diagrams were actually wrong!
It's very important that you follow clear, correct instructions and
that's exactly what this guide has.

"Excellent guide"

"Excellent guide Craig. I'm sure this is going to help thousands of
people save a bit of money."
Laura - US, CA

"What's Included In The DIY
Recondition Battery Guide?"

Lean How To Recondition
Batteries At Home

The Recondition Battery guide consists of 21 chapters that will show
you step-by-step how to recondition your battery.
We have included plenty of detailed pictures and diagrams to help you
along the way. Below are just a few of the chapters in the guide.

o Types Of Batteries
First we will show you some important points you must know about the
battery you are trying to recondition.
o Lead acid (car battery)
o Li-Ion (Laptop battery)
o Ni-Cd (Rechargable battery)
o Ni-MH (Long life battery)
o Testing Your Batteries
There are a few ways you can cheaply test your batteries to prepare
them for reconditioning. You absolutely must test your batteries before
trying to recondition them.
We will go over testing your batteries with a multi meter a battery
tester and a battery analyzer.
o Reconditioning Rechargeable Batteries
Have you ever tried to recharge a battery like your phone or laptop
battery and it simply doesn't hold any charge? This section can help
you out.
You will learn our secret methods to rejuvenate those batteries that
you would usually just throw away.
o Step-By-Step Guide To Recondition Car Batteries (Lead Acid)
Below are just a few of the topics that are discussed about car
o What do lead acid batteries look like inside?
o Equipment supplies needed for reconditioning and working with lead
acid batteries.
o Testing lead acid batteries.
o Reconditioning with an equalizing charge.
o Reconditioning with a chemical addition.
o Special battery desulfation equipment.
o + Much many more tips and tricks so you can recondition lead acid
batteries with ease.

"Free Bonus For Those Who
Are Ready To Start Today"

If you are ready to get started today then the below bonus is for you.
Please note, the below bonus will soon be sold separately but for now
it will be included in the original Recondition Battery kit.

Order now to get our "Battery Business" report. This quick
report will show you various ways to profit from your battery
reconditioning skills.
By reading the information in this report you will learn exactly how
you can potentially earn a 6 figure income just by reconditioning
"The money is amazing and it's great to know I'm doing something good
for our environment."

"7 Great Reasons To Get The
Recondition Battery Guide Now"

1 IT WORKS! Our product has been put to the test by thousands of people
worldwide. We are the most popular product in this market because our
guides are the best available.
2 It's very simple to follow. You don't even need to know anything
about the battery you are reconditioning. We explain the full
recondition process for all battery types.
3 Save money by reconditioning batteries rather than purchasing new
ones. Moreover, you can profit by purchasing "dead" batteries and
selling them as completely working units.
4 Do your part for the environment! If you are looking for a way to go
green then this is the perfect resource for you.
5 This is a fun DIY project that you are really going to enjoy. You can
show your friends and family how to recondition batteries so everybody
can enjoy the benefits.
6 Make money! If you invest in Recondition Battery right now you will
also get our "Battery Business" report. This quick report will help you
profit from your battery reconditioning skills.
7 100% money back guarantee. Our guarantee is simple - If you're not
happy with the product simply email us and we will kindly refund every
cent back to you. No questions, no hassles and no problems.


Note: The guides are in PDF format which means you can start in just a
few minutes from now. You do not need to wait for shipping and you can
start straight after your payment is approved.
You can order at anytime, even 3am in the morning!

"The best guide to reconditioning batteries available"

"I must say, this is without a doubt the best guide to reconditioning
batteries available. I have purchased some guides in the past but not
of them come close to the amount of detail in yours. It's actually
worth much more then $50!
Anyway, thanks for the help and congratulations on a fantastic product.
Adrian M. - US, TX


Still not sure if this is the right product for you? Don't worry! If
you are not 100% happy with the guide you can request a complete
refund. No questions and no hassles. We are certain you are going to
love the guide but if for some reason you don't like it, just email us
your receipt number and we will issue a full refund.
Thanks for reading and thanks for the interest in reconditioning
batteries. If you do decide to purchase right now please let me know
what you think. I would love to add your testimonial to the growing
list of happy customers.

All the best,

Craig Orell
Personal email: support@reconditionbattery

P.S. We have had some fantastic feedback about this guide and are
considering raising the price back to $129 in the near future. Order
now with our reduced price and save.
P.P.S. If you decided to purchase now make sure you check out my free
gift for you. You will see it on your private download page after you

Special note:

How to turn your battery reconditioning skills into a highly profitable
GREEN business

After your learn how to recondition batteries you can easily turn what
you have learnt into a highly profitable business. How do I know this?
It's what I do! I recondition batteries all day and every day. In fact,
there is never a time when I don't have any work on. That's why I don't
mind sharing my secrets with you.
There are so many people that want batteries reconditioned and I will
never get around to them all. This means there is plenty of opportunity
for you to cash in.
If the batteries don't come to you then you can go to them. By that I
mean, you can purchase "dead" batteries in bulk from auto mechanics for
next to nothing. You can then recondition them with the information
contained in this DIY guide, then sell them for a nice profit as
working batteries.
This business model is great because not only can you earn a 6 figure
income (the more batteries you recondition the more you make) but it's
also great for our environment.

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endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement
or opinion used in promotion of this product.

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